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DMR Radios at Dayton

by brandon 0 Comments

Since I just got back from Dayton, I thought I would take a minute to post an update of what I saw for DRM radios at Dayton.

Wirelessholdings was there showing the the DV4mobile. The unit was running a display loop and to my knowledge was not functional. At this point no price has been announced, they say it should be available in the fourth quarter. I guess we will see what happens.

Connect Systems was there with a board for the CS7000, but at the show it was just the board and was not able to do anything. In talking with them they did say they the were able to get it to boot in the office, but not in time to have it running a display look at the show. They were also showing their new CS720, which is the commercial version of the CS760 that is slated for the a fall release. I don’t have much for details on this radio at this time. Again, we will see what happens as time goes on.

The Motorola SLR-8200 made an appearance at the DMR-MARC booth. The SLR-8200, as I understand is the replacement to the MTR3000.

Well not a new radio there were a few vendors selling the MD-380 for $110 and many of them being sold.

Overall, it was nice to see the new radios that may come out some day as well as the growth of DMR in ham radio.

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