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Contact Manager

For those that are not aware of Contact Manager by N0GSG available at you really should take a look if are maintaining code plugs for any radio that uses the RDT or RDB file format for the code plugs. This includes the Connect Systems, Tytera and the new Texas Digital Radio DMR radios that are on the market.

I have used Contact Manager a few times to do some basic edits and to move files between a MD-380 and CS700, but today I tried something with it that I had not attempted before that is the structural import feature. I used it to import most of the data from a CS800 code plug and write it out for the TDR6100. It converted fine, heck it uses the same format of file and I am guessing that if I were to look at it in a hex editor it would map out identically, but I digress. It looked good in the TDR CPS, but since I don’t have a TDR6100 or really have a need for one, I have not loaded it to a radio, but I did send the file to someone in the event they decide to load it.

The bottom line is Contact Manager makes it quick and painless to move data from one code plug to another even between radios. It was something that I had started thinking about how to accomplish a while back but never got around to. Kudos to Tom on a great piece of software. Be sure to check it out.

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  1. David, KD4CLJ
    Just got a TDR6100, actually a set of them, one for UHF and one for VHF.. Been tryingv to use Contact Manager 2.20 to convert MD-380 and CS750/1 files and maybe combine them for mobile use... not sure if I'm successful or not...(sigh). KD4CLJ

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